Paintbrush welcomes opportunities to exhibit special and general collections in any venue where the work will be enjoyed. These exhibitions often include receptions, speakers, and interaction with surrounding community groups. Here are some places where Paintbrush Diplomacy has exhibited in the past:

Junior Center of Art and Science (Lake Merritt, California). Paintbrush Diplomacy presented an exhibition on “Women and Immigration” at the Junior Center of Art and Science gallery space. The show emphasized children’s perception of the women in their lives and their process of immigrating to a new place.

California State University East Bay (Hayward, California). Paintbrush Diplomacy presented an evolving exhibition in the Main Library. The emphasis was on the work of young artists from around the world who depicted scenes from their culture to remind people of the great cultural diversity in the world. The pieces were enjoyed by students, faculty and staff alike.

Peninsula Museum of Art (Burlingame, California). Paintbrush Diplomacy exhibited 20 examples of children’s art depicting real and imaginary kinds of science and technology. This was part of PBD’s program to demonstrate the mutual role of art with science and technology, as well as the value of art to stimulate children’s imagination about science and technology, thus preparing them for the world of tomorrow. This exhibition was “advance advertising” for a children’s art program that was held at Peninsula Museum of Art . It was also the site of a conference on the relationship between art and science.

Cinema Gallery (Hayward, California). This exhibit among restaurants on the main pedestrian street of Hayward introduced the general public to international children’s art. It consisted of over 100 pieces of art from around the world. Many parents gained an appreciation of the value of supporting their children in art education.

Menlo College (Atherton, California).  An exhibition of children’s art from around the world was enjoyed by students, faculty, staff and community members. This was the basis for discussions about an internship in which Menlo College students would do service learning by assisting local underserved schools in teaching art to young students.

Bullis Elementary School (Palo Alto, California). An exhibition of PBD art was displayed at this arts-oriented charter school. The exhibition was integral to part of the school’s art education program.

Eco Café (Hayward, California). This popular café regularly exhibits the work of local artists and local art programs. Eco Café’s clientele typically goes there to meet with friends and colleagues for social or business purposes, so the café has an important role in introducing people to art that they do not normally get to see and understand.

Foothill Gallery, Hayward Arts Council (Hayward, California). PBD presented a highly evocative exhibition of art in which children who have lived in war-torn countries depict war as they know it. Scenes of families in stockades, faceless women trudging through snow fleeing their country, scenes of torture and death, and scenes of soldiers entering residential communities caused many adult viewers to recognize the impact of war on children’s lives. We heard many people say, “These children have witnessed things I hope I never witness.”

Avenue 25 Gallery (San Mateo, California). The exhibition of art depicting war was also displayed at the gallery of the library building at Avenue 25.

Other exhibitions over the years have been held in partnership with:

  • The United Nations headquarters in New York
  • Smithsonian Sites
  • National Geographic
  • Thoreau Center in San Francisco
  • The Princess Grace Foundation in Monaco



Pleasanton Firehouse Art Center, Harrington Art Gallery
Celebrations Around the World
Pleasanton, CA
December 11, 2010 – January 12, 2011

Firehouse Gallery North
The Many Themes of Paintbrush Diplomacy
Berkeley, CA
August 1-30, 2011


Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)
Sports and Games
Oakland, CA
December 2 – January 8, 2009


The Thoreau Center
Music and Celebration across the Globe
In Collaboration with World Music Festival
Presidio, San Francisco, CA
November 9-21, 2008

San Francisco International Airport
A Look at Many Cultures
San Francisco, CA
April 1 – May 31, 2008

Palo Alto Research Center, PARC
Sports and Games
Palo Alto, CA
May 1 – September 30, 2008


Artistic Diplomacy
San Francisco, CA
April 3 -–June 4, 2006

Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)
Diplomacy through Youth
Oakland, CA
April 1 – May 31, 2006

Herbst International Exhibition Center
Dancing Across Cultures
In Collaboration with Presidio Dance Theater
San Francisco Presidio, CA
April 9 – May 9, 2006


United Nation Association Gift Shop
Sunday Afternoon with Char
Palo Alto
September 18, 2005

Thoreau Center
Freshwater and what it means to me and my environment
San Francisco Presidio, CA
June 1 – August 12, 2005

Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)
Fairytales, Myths, and Legends
Oakland, CA
February 2 – 27, 2005


Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA)
Oakland, CA
March 2004

Community School of Music and Art (CSMA)
Freshwater and what it means to you and your environment
Mountain View, CA
June 4 – July 31, 2004

The Princess Grace Foundation
United Way, Santa Clara, CA
March 10, 2004


Community School of Music and Art
Mountain View, CA
Summer 2003

Stanford’s Tresidder Memorial Union
Architects of Peace
January 6 – February 28, 2003

Santa Clara University
Architects of Peace
Santa Clara, CA
April 1 – June 7, 2003

The San Mateo County Historical Museum
Redwood City, CA
April 1 – August 31, 2003

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
Palo Alto, CA
Fall 2003