Our Team

Leia Alex
Executive Director

Leia Alex joined Paintbrush Diplomacy as Director in 2016. Since then, she has worked to preserve Paintbrush Diplomacy’s incredible arts collection and continue its programming. Previously, she worked with organizations like International Arts and Artists and the National Peace Corps Association in Washington, D.C. She studied Culture and Politics while at Georgetown University, looking specifically at the intersections between art and diplomacy. She has also worked in theater and the performing arts. As a lifelong artist, Leia loves exploring all different forms of art, including dance, graphic design, painting, and theater.

Caroline Welch
Board President

Caroline Welch joined with Paintbrush Diplomacy in 2020 to help uplift the organization’s mission to cultivate cultural awareness and connect people through creative learning. She is a passionate advocate for arts and arts programming and has worked with organizations like International Arts and Artists in Washington, D.C. As a resident of New York City, she loves exploring the variety of mediums offered and has experience with theater, media and photography.

Keegan Lillo
Technical Officer

Keegan joined the Paintbrush Diplomacy team in 2018 to lead the website redesign efforts, integrating the old Online Teaching Museum website into our current platform and making the site more beautiful and user friendly. An Australian native, Keegan grew up in Melbourne and moved to the Bay Area to work in 2014.