Submit Your Art

Want to be a part of our 40-year-young success story? Submit your own art! You can scan or take a picture of your art piece, or you can create graphic art on your computer. Your work of art could be displayed in our current gallery with other pieces from around the world!

To send Paintbrush your artwork electronically, please email it to We will then upload any images to the Paintbrush Diplomacy Museum website for which you have given us written permission.

The written release should come from a designated holder of rights permissions, based on the laws of the country from which the art originates. For example, in the United States permission must be given by a parent of the child. In some other countries, the permission may come from the child’s teacher or may originate with the child him/herself.

Please Note: By sending us your art, you are giving permission to Paintbrush Diplomacy to reserve the right to use and display your submitted piece to help further our mission. Please submit your own work with clean content. Include your name, age, country, the title of your piece, and a brief description about you and your work. If you do not wish to have your name displayed, please inform us in the description area and we will replace it with ‘Anonymous’. If you are scanning your piece or uploading a graphic work, the standard size is 600×400 pixels at 300 DPI.

Thanks for participating in Paintbrush Diplomacy’s cause! We look forward to viewing your submission!


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